Heal bladder inflammation with cranberries and honey

The sea, hot summer sun, short summer dresses and nooooo, again that unpleasant burning and smarting feeling after visiting the toilet. Bladder inflammation!!!! Again!!!! My constant companion over the summer that has no place in the holiday idyll. Doctor, antibiotics … bye bye beer on the beach, and painful rushing to the toilets. That’s enough … this time I’ll try a home-made medicine, a praised miraculous home remedy, not even disputed by many scientists. The recipe is realy simple. Well, let’s try.

Cranberries belong to berries, which, just like blueberries, come from North America. The hard, red and round berries have a sour and slightly bitter taste because of the high amount of vitamin C. In ancient times, Indians used cranberries to treat many diseases and conditions, including inflammation of the bladder and the urinary tract.

Even in modern medicine, they have proved to be the most effective in preventing the inflammation of the urinary tract caused by E. coli bacteria. Cranberries prevent the bacteria from clinging to the walls of the urinary tract and multiplying there.

We introduce you an effective recipe from the pharmacy of our grandmothers which will effectively solve your problems with a sore bladder.


We need:

• 30 g of cranberries
• honey



Cook 30 g of cranberries in half a liter of water until half of the liquid evaporates. Add a tablespoon of honey and drink 3 cups of warm tea per day (after a meal).
Of course, it’s good to change your swimsuit after swimming and some additional protection of the bladder area even at night with a suitable »warm« summertime pyjama won’t do any harm either.