Creamy orange honey 270g


100% natural honey, creamy structure, with a refreshing citrus taste will impress. Treat yourself to a sweet indulgence a little differently.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle we often reach for unhealthy meals, as well as spreads with a lot of sugar and other additives that are harmful to our health. With a long tradition of beekeeping and the wish for our children to have a more healthy diet, we have prepared a unique recipe that takes classic honey to a new level of harmonic flavours. Wholesome composition of classic honey and a special flavour will delight both, lovers of classic honey as well as children and others who do not like the original taste of honey.



Homemade honey with orange extract.



The creamy honey structure with the flavour of citrus, blueberry, coconut and aromatic vanilla with cinnamon, goes perfectly with tea, milk, coffee, as a healthy spread on bread, pancakes, or baking.


Our specialty and market advantage is the offer of high quality traditional Slovenian apiculture products in a unique and original way. We stand out with our family recipes, own, nicely designed packaging, and the production of personalized gifts for companies.

For companies we produce personalized gifts in unique packaging for promotional purposes, such as commercial and/or representative gifts. At your request, we create a unique packaging and decorate it with your logo or pictorial design of your choice.

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