Honey Liqueur Klepec 500ml


Flavour of authentic homemade honey in harmony with excellent spirit give this liquer made by a traditional family recipe a unique taste.

The Honey Liqueur Klepec 200 ml is a natural alcoholic beverage with a pleasant honey taste which blends with the sharpness of homemade spirit. This excellent honey beverage has been used in Slovenia for centuries. In relation to beekeeping, which is characteristic of the history of Slovenes, it holds the title of Slovenian national alcoholic beverage.



Honey Liquer Klepec 200 ml is an alcoholic beverage with 22% vol. alcohol made of premium homemade spirits and Slovenian honey. It is prepared by a traditional family recipe.



Honey Liqueur Klepec 500 ml is very suitable as an aperitif, goes excellent with tea, coffee … It is served chilled or hot in winter. In the hot summer evenings we recommend you to enjoy it with an ice cube and a slice of lemon.


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